Dava Doms Sadie FULL

Sadie Holmes is bound at the wrists and hung from an engine hook in a slutty school girl outfit.  Dava Foxx is wearing a tight, high cut one piece with her huge tits bursting out.  


Dava degrades her for being such a slut.  She wants to show her that she doesn’t need to suck all those boys cocks.  She can have plenty of fun being Dava’s bitch…


Dava rips Sadie’s pantyhose, pulls on her pigtails and makes her cum hard with a vibrator.  Then she makes her suck her own juices off the wand.                                        


Dava returns to Sadie.  She made Sadie cum before, now it’s Dava’s turn.  She rides the little school girl’s face, until she is satisfied, then get’s Sadie off again with the vibrator.  


Looks like she found herself a new school girl sex slave :)